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Copeman Cottages, Cottages on Lake Bernard Sundridge, Family Cottages, Private Cottage with Beach
About Us & Location

 Our cottages are family owned and operated. They are not part of a business, or resort/hotel where there is a string of cabins side-by-side. These are our family's privately owned cottages and the purpose of this website is to provide rental information and pictures. We have three individual cottages resting in separate, private locations around the same lake.


Lake Bernard is the world's largest fresh water lake, without an island. It has excellent fishing and beautiful, clean swimming. Two of our cottages have HUGE private beaches! The natural beach sand is incredibly soft and fluffy.


Each cottage is safe for families. They have all level properties; no rocks, steps. The lake is clean and there is no seaweed, just a nice hard sandy bottom.


Four private boating amenities are included with each cottage! Please go to our Cottages page to see a list of all the amenities included with your rental.


Family memories are created at the cottage. Rent one today!


Life at the Cottage:

To book, please call us at 705-384-5506



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